Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sometimes I say funny things....

Yesterday I went to the mall with Mommy. Santa was there too. Mommy and I got close to him but I said I was "too sared" (scared) to get out of my stroller to give him a hug. I yelled from a distance what I would like for Christmas (a baby sister) and then I blew him a kiss and we left, as we walked away I yelled to him "Take it easy, Santa"

Then when we got home Mommy let me take out my new Veggie Tales nativity scene. Mommy showed me how mine is just like hers. Only mine is plastic. And because of this the legs on the manger fell off. I thought it was broken so I said "It is broken. Sorry, Jesus."

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Magee's Dad said...

You could write a blog just about funny things that Natalie says, the list is endless

I do like sorry Jesus, that is just funny