Saturday, November 29, 2008


I am currently in Babbitt for the Thanksgiving party at my Nana and Papa's house. All of my friends were at the Thanksgiving party. We had yummy food, and pumpkin pie. I was so happy to have all of my friends at Nana and Papa's house!

Tonight, I went skating for the first time. I went to the rink where my Papa Joe used to be the hockey coach. Papa, Uncle Joe-Joe, Ry-Ry, Chrissy, and Derek used to play hockey there....and Cory and Michelle skate there now, and my Mommy, and Auntie Amy used to skate only makes sense that I would learn to skate there!

I was a little nervous at first, but I got the hang of it! I held on to mommy and daddy's hands. And Derek helped me skate too! Cory skated next to me, then Derek took me around the rink REALLY fast!

I dont mean to brag but I'm pretty good.


Magee's Dad said...

Natalie you are an amazing skater, are you going to join the Minnesota Wild" because you are already better than Martin Skoula, I hope you had a fun weekend

love you Daddy

jay said...

I heard boogaard trains there in the ice, just punching things.