Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nana and Papa's House

Last weekend Mommy and I packed our suitcases (mine is pink!) and headed towards Nana and Papas house. Along the way we stopped to get my friend Auntie Amy (and her suit case).

Here are the highlights of the trip:
  • I saw lots of pretty horses out my window. I named one of them Zoe and the rest I named Katie.
  • Papa fed me ICE CREAM!
  • I went to see my freind Uncle Dave at Auntie Jill's house
  • Cory and I did summersaults
  • I went to Auntie Jill's table to eat candy
  • Cory and I danced
  • I went back to Auntie Jill's table to eat candy(!!!!!)
  • I went for walks with Nana and Papa
  • We had a party for my Mommy and Papa's birthdays (I got to eat cake and ICE CREAM!!!)
  • I got to wear my Vikings dress to church
  • I tried to tell the sermon at church

Overall, I had a great trip to Babbitt. I have told everyone I've seen since then that I went to Nana's house. I can't wait to go back!

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Magee's Dad said...

Magee you are a good traveler, plus everybody knows you in Babbitt

You should run for Mayor