Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Trip to "Doof"

This past weekend mommy, daddy and I made a trip to see Auntie Amy in Doof (Duluth). We drove up on Friday night. As soon as I got there Auntie adorned me with gifts and treats. Even tho it was my bedtime, Auntie let me stay up late to drink apple juice and have bunny crackers! (Auntie Amy is the BEST!)
After we woke up Saturday morning Nana come to see us. She brought something called Apple Fritters....they were the biggest treat I had ever seen! They were sooooooooo tasty!!!!!
We went down to Lake Superior (or Big Blue as my Daddy calls it). We posed for a few pictures but it was SOOOOOOOOO cold Nana and I went in the museum while Mommy, Daddy, and Auntie went down the pier. After we left the lake we went to the Fall Fest. I mostly played at the park with Daddy while Mommy, Nana, and Auntie shopped.
Then we went home so I could take a big nap, I was exhausted from my busy morning! After I woke up Nana had to go home to take care of Reggie, Tanner, and Papa. Auntie, Mommy, Daddy, and I went to shop a little more. Auntie took me to her Cub Foods and I showed her how to drive the rocket ships. I'm an excellent rocket ship driver!
These are the high points of my trip to Doof.



Magee's Dad said...

That Apple Fritter is as big as your little head Natalie, it was burrr cold in Duluth, bu we had fun

nana said...

i miss you princess. can't wait till you come to babbitt.
love nana