Sunday, September 21, 2008

My First Lesson in Construction

My Godfather and "Uncle" Derek came over for dinner the other night. I LOVE when he comes to see me. After dinner he played Legos with me. I thought we were just going to play, but I guess Derek had something else in mind....first, he built a house for me. We disagreed a bit in how to correctly construct a house, but he claimed he had "more experience" in building houses than I do. He said it would be very sturdy, but after I had my way with it, it crumbled to pieces. Then Derek suggested we make a tower, I was pretty sure I had more expereince building towers, but Derek once again built the tallest and most sturdy tower I have ever seen. We used every one of my blocks! Here is a picture of us with our tower.

Derek, you are welcome to play Legos at my house anytime! :)

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Daddy Cakes said...

Magee you are a building machine.....tonight we are going to eat in the living room and watch the Twins game, huge series for the Twins, the playoffs are on the line....Cheer Hard Little Magee