Sunday, September 20, 2009

Growing Up

I've been very busy this fall. Not only do I have preschool 2 mornings a week, I have had to reschedule my gymnastics to Thursday evenings. I have started going to Kids Klub with my friend Adelyn at her church on Wednesday nights, and next week I start Sunday School at Prince of Peace!

Speaking of Sunday School, today was a big day for me at church. I was given a Bible. It is a Read to Me Bible, so it is fully of pictures and stories about Jesus. Mommy and Daddy wrote my name in it and todays date so I will always remember getting my Bible from my church family.

I've also been busy getting ready to be a big sister. Mommy and Daddy say that only God knows when Honey Pie will be born, but that it will be anyday now. This morning we drove past the hospital that she is going to be born at, Mommy said that is where I was born too! I like to give Honey Pie kisses and hugs, and I rub her every morning (at 7:00, when I wake up).

Today I practiced my letters with Mommy and Daddy. So far I know K is for Kate. N is for Natalie. A is for Apple, Auntie and Amy. M is for Matt or Magee. H is for Hall. I also know all my numbers, but sometimes I get 2 and 5 confused. Seven and three are my favorite numbers. Seven because that is what time I watch for on my clock...when my Princess clock starts with a seven I know I can wake up. And three is my other favorite for obvious reasons...I AM three!
If I ever see a seven or a three I will immediately alert all who are around me of this. I also am very quick to point out any N's that I see.

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nana said...

don'f forget that Nana starts with an N just like Natalie.
I miss you and can not wait until Honey Pie Pony is born so I can come see her and YOU!!!!!!
I love you to the moon and back
Love Nana