Monday, August 24, 2009

Funny Stuff

I think most of you know this....I talk A LOT! Here are some of the funny/cute things I've said lately:

While riding in the care with Mommy and Daddy, daddy said to me: "What are you looking at?"
"My Mom" I answered.
"Why" asked Daddy.
"Because she is so cute" I replied.

"Number 4 is Brett Favre"

"You are the best Mommy ever!"

When my friend Bill walked into his own surprise party "PEPPERONI!!!!!!"

While singing a Taylah Switch (Taylor Swift) song, "I wear high heals she wears Sketchers"

1 comment:

Jenny, Mike and Paige said...

Hands down, some of the CUTEST things I've ever heard. :)